The rules and regulations below are understood and accepted as part of the contract between the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC) and those who rent space to exhibit at any PMANC tradeshow.


1. Official exhibits are contracted at venues decided by PMANC. Exhibiting elsewhere violates Exposition Regulations. PMANC shows have been designated as non-smoking shows during exhibit hours except in designated areas. 

2. Exhibit space will be assigned based on Sponsorship level and on a first-come, first-serve system established by PMANC according to receipt of the exhibitor’s Space Reservation Agreement and payment of the booth fee.

3. An exhibiting company may reserve space only for its own use and may not assign or sublet space to other exhibitors.

4. Payment of exhibit fee varies for different events. (Exhibitors must have a current PMANC membership in order to participate. The $150 membership fee will be due upon submission of the space reservation agreement., if it has not already been paid) Fee includes all locations.

6. The exhibit fee is not refundable, without exception if cancellation is provided within 30 days of the event. All cancellations must be submitted to PMANC in writing No refunds will be issued after this time. You may e-mail them to


PMANC Membership must be current to exhibit with PMANC

PMANC Tradeshow Policy

50 days from registration date: 100% Refund

40 days from registration date: 75% Refund

30 days from registration date: 50% Refund

<30 days from registration date: NO REFUND

*Exhibitors who select the pre-approved payment plan will be subject to different  accommodations- Please contact*


7. Official exhibit days and hours are provided with contract. 

8. Exhibits shall remain open for the full duration of official exhibit hours and shall be closed at all other times.

9. Show space shall be available for occupancy by the exhibitor at the listed times decided by PMANC.

10. Exhibits not occupied by the exhibitor by these stated times shall be forfeited by the exhibitor and the space may be resold and reassigned by the Association without refund, unless arrangements for delayed occupancy have been approved by the show management.

11. Exhibitors, organizations and participating registrants shall not hold business or social functions to which distributors are invited during official exhibit hours. 

12. Exhibitors shall not be permitted to dismantle their exhibits, nor do any packing until set break down times (see above) on all show days. Exhibitors must make arrangements for outbound movements by filling out bills of lading, routing, etc. at the registration desk any time before departure.


13. All in-line displays shall conform to the booth construction standards set forth in the display rules and regulations published and endorsed by professional trade show industry organizations. 

14. Six- foot or Eight-foot skirted tables will be provided for the event as contracted.

*Table requests are to be submitted with contract during registration.

15.  Your exhibiting materials must not obstruct the side view of other supplier booths divided by the 3’ high side drapes.


15. All requests for services, furniture, additional draping, carpeting, decorations and additional signs are to be handled at the exhibitor’s expense directly with the show decorator.

16. The service contractor/decorator will handle all freight and drayage. Instructions for freight and drayage will accompany the exhibitor kit.

17. No trunks, cases or packing materials shall be brought into or out of the exhibit area during exhibit hours.

18. PMANC is not responsible for any shipping and receiving changes. If any changes are made to our account by the venue. Charges will be placed on the master account unless otherwise directed. PMANC will not responsible for any shipping charges, damage or loss to any packages or boxes.


19. Outlets are not part of your show space (unless noted above). Arrangement for electricity must be made on your Space Reservation Agreement. You will be responsible for any electrical charges.


20. No signs or advertising devices shall be displayed outside exhibit space. Nothing shall be posted, tacked or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or furniture. Signs may not identify the location of the exhibitor’s place of business.

21. No company name, address or phone number shall appear on any catalogs, sheets or other exhibit material. ASI number, PPAI number, UPIC, and line name are acceptable. Sample order forms and special distributor promotional literature may not be displayed. Exhibitors shall not distribute or display products, circulars, catalogs or publications outside the confines of their booth. Business cards may not be given to clients or distributors. (apply to End-user Shows). Only list prices may be displayed, quoted or discussed. Net costs or discounts must not be mentioned to clients or distributors.

22. Exhibitors shall not congregate or solicit trade in the aisles and no exhibitor shall conduct himself in a manner offensive to decency or good taste.

23. All members of exhibit staff shall be registered IN ADVANCE of the Exposition by the exhibitor on the Space Reservation Agreement. Exhibitors may not invite guests or non-industry distributors.

24. Members of the exhibit staff shall be full-time employees of exhibitors or shall be employed for the duration of the Exposition. Badges for exhibit staff are not transferable. This regulation, however, shall in no way prohibit employment of professional models or demonstrators for part-time duty with exhibitors. Costumed members of exhibit staff wearing product or location information must stay within the booth space while so attired. Exhibitors are prohibited from permitting distributors to work their booths.


25. Each exhibitor must make provisions for the safekeeping of his goods before the opening, during and after the closing of the Exposition. No responsibility is assumed by PMANC or service contractor for merchandise lost or damaged. Exhibitor must insure his goods at his own expense.

26. Exhibitor agrees to hold forever harmless PMANC (the Association) and the service contractor from any damage charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance or to comply with applicable terms in the agreement between the service contractor and PMANC and that

PMANC and the service contractor shall not be liable to any exhibitor for any accident or other occurrence to exhibitor, his agents, employees or business contacts or guests, which arise by reason of occupancy of the exhibition premises.


27. Franchised exhibitors must give information requested by clients of a non-franchised distributor via the PMANC registration desk. Follow-up material is to be sent to the non-franchised distributor with the stipulation that any resulting order will be placed through a franchised distributor.


28. All displays should be tastefully and professionally presented so as to avoid over-crowding of your booth space.


29. Exhibitors or their staff who violate any of the show rules and regulations are subject to an assessment of $500 for each violation and/or forfeiture of exhibit privileges for future shows. Repeated violations will result in a five-year loss of privilege to exhibit or to attend future shows.

30. The penalty for allowing unauthorized personnel to wear an exhibitor’s badge is revocation of exhibit privileges for five years. The penalty for distributors who register non-member distributors or non-industry suppliers or any unauthorized person as their company’s personnel or client is $500 for each violation and/or loss of privilege to attend future shows.


31. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC), its officers and directors against any and all losses, damages, costs, expenses and liabilities which they or any of them may hereafter suffer, incur or pay by reason of any act or omission by one of the exhibitor’s representatives that takes place at or in conjunction with the exposition or social activities in conjunction with the exposition.

Exhibitor further agrees to pay and discharge forthwith on demand each such debt, obligation or claim which shall be made, assigned or apportioned against PMANC, its officers or directors.


32. Exhibitor shall observe and abide by any additional regulations made from time to time by the official representatives of PMANC, its officers and employees for efficient and safe operation of the Exposition.

33. At the Traveling Showcase (end-user show), all exhibitors are required to respect the relationship of the distributors and their clients. No suppliers are to distribute business cards to end-users or attempt to sell directly to them.


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