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    • 05/29/2024
    • 9:30 AM
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    • 06/17/2024
    • 10:00 AM

    Your Association wants you!

    Are you or someone you know ready to become a leader?

    Nominate yourself or a colleague by June 17th to serve PMANC.

    Eligibility: Active PMANC member.

    Term Commitment: 2025-2026

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    Or Email your nomination at Eliana@pmanc.org

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Past events

05/14/2024 Tuesday Learning Lab "The Endless Power of AI – Revolutionizing the Promo Industry "
05/02/2024 2024 Promo Paradise I DISTRIBUTOR REGISTRATION
05/02/2024 2024 Promo Paradise- EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION
04/24/2024 Wild Wednesday Webinar “Overcoming Overwhelm: The 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process for “Busy Professionals” to Access Inner Peace”
04/23/2024 West Coast Webinar - "Accessible AI: Starting Small for Big Impact"
04/09/2024 Tuesday Learning Lab "How to Get Found by Your Ideal Clients When They're Ready to Buy"
02/28/2024 Wild Wednesday Webinar “WOW Starts with You!”
02/13/2024 Tuesday Learning Lab "A Tour of QuickBooks Online, some tips and tricks, and how it Integrates with SAGE Online"
01/31/2024 Wild Wednesday Webinar “2024 State of the Industry with ASI CEO Tim Andrews"
12/14/2023 2023 Holiday Party
12/13/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar “Purpose, Passion, Principles, Practices: The Four P’s of Success"
12/05/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Writing the Order Right!"
11/09/2023 Camfire Discussion
10/25/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar “Retirement Readiness"
10/10/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Mastering CANVA for Promo"
09/27/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar “2023 State of the Industry from ASI"
09/20/2023 2023 TRUNK SHOW - Exhibitor Registration
09/20/2023 ~ONSITE REGISTRATION - 2023 TRUNK SHOW- Distributor Registration
09/19/2023 PMANC Cares 2nd Harvest & Fall Social Event
09/15/2023 Call for 2024 PMANC Board Of Directors Nomination -Submission Here!
09/12/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Seven Reasons Why Marketing Fails and Ways to Prevent Them"
08/22/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Grow Your Business with Food Gifts It’s Not Just for Holidays Anymore"
07/26/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar “Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, How They Can Make a Difference in Your Business"
07/11/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Going For The Gold"
06/28/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar “WHAT’S NEW?"
05/31/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “Packaging – YES, it IS a Promotional Product and it’s Not Going Away"
05/19/2023 PMANC Friday Live with Lori A. Bolton, Totally Bamboo
04/04/2023 PIE PIECE Webinar - Heather Cox - A Provocative New Approach to Attracting Corporate Clients.
03/15/2023 2023 Promo Madness - EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION
03/15/2023 2023 Promo Madness I DISTRIBUTOR REGISTRATION
02/22/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “Top Tips for Growth in 2023 with Charity G!”
02/14/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “Outsourced Artwork Services: Up Your Game, Lower Your Cost”
01/27/2023 PMANC Friday Live with 2023 PMANC President - Amanda Boccucci, Lahlouh
01/25/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “Promotional Products Industry TRENDS for 2023”
01/17/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab “It’s Never Too Early to Position Your Business for a Successful Exit”
12/14/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “The 7 Deadly Sins of the Promotional Products Buyer”
12/08/2022 2022 Holiday Party
11/18/2022 PMANC Cares Annual Coat and Clothing Drive
11/16/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “Adapting to the Ever-Changing Business Climate… Avoiding Burnout & Always Bringing your 'A' Game”
11/08/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab “Needs vs. Wants – Stop Taking Orders and Start Writing Business”
10/21/2022 PMANC Friday Live with Raining Rose Promos, Quinn Bui, CAS
09/28/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- "Winning Distributor Sales Campaigns"
09/16/2022 PMANC Friday Live with Ariel, Laura Brewer
09/13/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab “Increasing Revenue Through Online Stores”
08/31/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- "How PPAI Promotional Products Work can Elevate Your Business"
08/24/2022 Game Time with PMANC
08/09/2022 Tuesday Learning “Multi-Task Like A Pro: How to Manage All Your Projects at Once”
08/09/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab “Multi-Task Like A Pro: How to Manage All Your Projects at Once”
07/27/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- "Data-Driven Blueprint for Success"
07/12/2022 Tuesday Learning “Fulfillment Programs: Potential and Pitfalls”
06/29/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- "NO MORE BRANDFILL"
06/14/2022 Tuesday Learning “New Business That Sticks!”
05/25/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- "How to Charge for Creative Services (as a Distributor)"
05/17/2022 PIE PIECE Webinar - Dale Denham - PPAI Townhall Meeting
05/10/2022 Tuesday Learning “Easy as 1-2-3: Custom-Made, High-End Product Programs for Awards & Recognition”
04/27/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “Hiring, Retaining & Motivating Top Staff”
04/12/2022 Tuesday Learning “Introduction to the Soapbox Platform”
03/16/2022 2022 PMANC Spring Showcase - EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION
03/16/2022 2022 Spring Showcase I DISTRIBUTOR REGISTRATION
03/15/2022 Tuesday Learning “Creating a Brand that Matters”
02/23/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “The Next Chapter: Challenges and Opportunities in the Promotional Products Market”
02/15/2022 PIE PIECE Webinar - Vicki Ostrom - New Topia Field Guide
02/11/2022 PMANC Friday Live with SanMar, Vicki Ostrom
02/08/2022 Tuesday Learning “5 Essential Decisions to Start an Ad Specialty Distributorship”
01/26/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar- “2022 State of the Industry with ASI, CEO, Tim Andrews”
01/21/2022 PMANC Friday Live with PMANC New ED, Eliana Franklin
01/11/2022 Tuesday Learning “How to Create Your 2022 Marketing Plan: 5 Questions to Build On”
12/02/2021 2021 PMANC Holiday Party
05/13/2021 SOLD OUT! 2021 PMANC Parking Lot Show - Exhibitor Space
05/13/2021 PMANC's May Parking Lot Show - Distributor Registration
03/26/2021 PMANC Friday Live with PPAI President, Bob McLean
01/29/2021 PMANC Spring Premiums Samples Box for Distributors
01/27/2021 2021 PMANC Premium Spring Box - SUPPLIER Participant
12/04/2020 2020 PMANC Holiday Dine-Around - A Virtual Delight!
10/16/2020 Fall Premiums Holiday Gifts Unboxing Event
09/30/2020 Wednesday Webinar: New Growth Opportunities for Distributors: Brand Media and Engagement
09/16/2020 Wild Wednesday Webinar: Rise from the Ashes! How to Start Your Recovery Now!


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